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Calgary Excavation and Construction Contractors

If you have work that needs to be done on your business or home, KT Excavating is the service to call.
We can complete excavation, demolition, and repair and maintenance projects, and we also offer snow removal services.
Throughout the years, excavation has remained one of our specialties. We offer everything from complete excavation and loaming to sanding and trenching.

● Dig in basements/additions/retaining walls
● Dig and install quick trenches
● Prep for garage pads and driveways
● Backfill

Snow Removal
We can suit your needs with a per occurrence basis or with monthly contracts to ensure priority service.

● Push and pile on site
● Haul away snow
● Organic ice melt/sanding
● Ice breaking and scraping
● 24-hour monitoring

Whether you are tearing down part of a structure or an entire building, we have the specialized equipment and experience necessary to handle the job safely and to your satisfaction.

Repairs and Maintenance
For businesses and homeowners in the Calgary area, we offer:

● Basement leak repairs
● Emergency water main break repairs
● Weeping tile maintenance
● Corral cleaning
    And more...